• Tuberculous dactylitis in the setting of low serum vitamin D: a case report.

      Cahill, K C; Conroy, F J; Brown, A; Dunlop, R L E; Eadie, P; Keane, J; Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, St James Hospital, Dublin 8,, Ireland. cahillkev@hotmail.com (2012-02-01)
      We present the case of a previously well patient who presented to the Emergency Department of a Dublin hospital with a tuberculous infection of his dominant index finger and a very low serum vitamin D level--this has been implicated in both primary and reactivation infections with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This case highlights and reviews both the importance of considering non-endemic pathologies in the setting of a patient base of diverse ethnicity, and the emerging importance of vitamin D in the immune response to M. tuberculosis infection. We discuss the relevant literature to highlight the background of this disease process, and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to these patients.