• Evolution of carotid surgical practice in the last decade

      Hanrahan, L; Canning, C; Abdulrahim, O; Fitzgerald, L; O’Neill, S; Madhavan, P; Harbison, J; Colgan, MP; Martin, Z (Irish Medical Journal, 2015-09)
      Stroke units provide immediate care and appropriate intervention in the evolving stroke. The aims of this study were to review the practice of carotid endarterectomy (CEA) before and after the establishment of a Stroke Unit in St. James’s Hospital. Prior to the introduction of the Stroke Unit, 263 CEA’s were performed over a five-year period. 139/263 (53%) of these were for symptomatic disease. 229 were performed in the five years since. 179/229 (78%) of these were for symptomatic disease. The 30-day stroke and death rates were <2% before the introduction of the Stroke Unit, and have remained unchanged. Since the introduction of the Stroke Unit, there has been a slight decrease in the overall number of CEA’s performed with a 25% increase in the proportion of endarterectomies performed for symptomatic disease. Despite the reduction in surgery for asymptomatic disease the overall 30-day stroke and death rate remains excellent at 2/229 (2%).
    • Recurring pulmonary hamartomas: cause for concern?

      Coleman, N; Chotirmall, SH; Forman, E; McCullagh, B; Broe, P; Royston, D; O’Neill, S (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2013-10)
      We report the case of a well-controlled female asthmatic who developed â multiple pulmonary hamartomasâ on three separate occasions over a period of 25 years that necessitated surgical resection. To our knowledge, this is the first report of recurrent hamartomas in a single individual necessitating multiple thoracotomies.