• Abdominal CT findings in small bowel perforation.

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    • Aberrant DNA methylation associated with MTHFR C677T genetic polymorphism in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in renal transplant patients.

      Laing, M E; Cummins, R; O'Grady, A; O'Kelly, P; Kay, E W; Murphy, G M; Department of Dermatology, RCSI ERC Smurfit Building, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9, Ireland. mrylaing@yahoo.co.uk (2010-08)
      Changes in genomic DNA methylation associated with cancer include global DNA hypomethylation and gene-specific hyper- or hypomethylation. We have previously identified a genetic variant in the MTHFR gene involved in the methylation pathway which confers risk for the development of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in renal transplant patients. This genetic variant has also been discovered to confer SCC risk in nontransplant patients with low folate status.
    • Ability of fracture risk assessment tool and national osteoporosis guideline group guidance to stratify people appropriately before fracture.

      Brewer, Linda; Mellon, Lisa; Duggan, Joseph; Department of Medicine for the Older Person, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. (2013-09)
    • Abnormal hCG levels in a patient with treated stage I seminoma: a diagnostic dilemma.

      Aherne, Noel J; Small, Cormac A; McVey, Gerard P; Fitzpatrick, David G; Armstrong, John G; Department of Radiation Oncology, St, Luke's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. noelaherne@eircom.net (BioMed Central, 2008)
      BACKGROUND: We report the case of a patient with treated Stage Ia seminoma who was found to have an elevated beta human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) on routine follow - up. This instigated restaging and could have lead to commencement of chemotherapy. CASE PRESENTATION: The patient was a bodybuilder, and following a negative metastatic work - up, admitted to injecting exogenous beta hCG. This was done to reduce withdrawal symptoms from androgen abuse. The patient remains well eight years post diagnosis. CONCLUSION: This case highlights the need for surgical oncologists to conduct vigilant screening of young male patients with a history of testicular germ cell tumours and who may indulge in steroid abuse.
    • Abnormalities in platelet reactivity in preeclampsia

      Murray, A; Burke, N; Flood, K; Cotter, B; Fonseca Kelly, Z; Dempsey, M; Fay, L; Donnelly, JC; Dicker, P; Geary, M; et al. (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2012-01)
    • Absence of consensus in diagnostic criteria for familial neurodegenerative diseases.

      Byrne, Susan; Elamin, Marwa; Bede, Peter; Hardiman, Orla; Trinity College Institute of Neurosciences, Beaumont Hospital, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. suabyrne@gmail.com (2012-04)
      A small proportion of cases seen in neurodegenerative conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer disease are familial. These familial cases are usually clinically indistinguishable from sporadic cases. Identifying familial cases is important both in terms of clinical guidance for family members and for gene discovery.
    • Access to dental care-parents' and caregivers' views on dental treatment services for people with disabilities.

      Prabhu, Neeta T; Nunn, June H; Evans, D J; Girdler, N M; Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia. neetaprabhu@hotmail.com (2010-03)
      The goal of this study was to elicit the views of patients or parents/caregivers of patients with disabilities regarding access to dental care. A questionnaire was generated both from interviews with patients/parents/caregivers already treated under sedation or general anesthesia as well as by use of the Delphi technique with other stakeholders. One hundred thirteen patients from across six community dental clinics and one dental hospital were included. Approximately, 38% of the subjects used a general dental practitioner and 35% used the community dental service for their dental care, with only 27% using the hospital dental services. Overall waiting time for an appointment at the secondary care setting was longer than for the primary care clinics. There was a high rate of parent/caregiver satisfaction with dental services and only five patients reported any difficulty with travel and access to clinics. This study highlights the need for a greater investment in education and training to improve skills in the primary dental care sector.
    • Access to in-patient stroke services and multidisciplinary team (MDT) rehabilitation: current demands and capacity

      O’Sullivan, EJ; Williams, DJ; Shanahan-O’Connell, J; Kirrane, K; Armitage, D; Leahy, W; O’Flaherty, E; Horgan, NF (Irish Medical Journal, 2014-06)
      The objective of this project was to analyse the current access to in-patient stroke services and MDT rehabilitation in an acute stroke centre and to compare these services to the recommended â National Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations for the Care of People with Stroke and TIAâ (IHF 2010). A retrospective chart review was carried out, recording activity statistics of all patients admitted with acute stroke over a three-month period. 73 patients (male=40, 54.8%) were included. Patients were discharged from the stroke service after a mean stay of 20.2 days (SD.= 19.3). 76.7% (N=56) of patients were admitted to the acute stroke unit (ASU). The mean length of time from admission to first assessment 3.4 days (SD.=2.68), with an average of 138 minutes of treatment received per day across all disciplines. This is compared to the IHFâ s recommendation of patients being assessed within 24-48 hours of admission and receiving 180 minutes of treatment across all disciplines. As demands for stroke MDT services increase, it is important to recognise the benefits of increasing staff and resources to maintain and continue to improve standards of care
    • Accessory left atrial diverticulae: contractile properties depicted with 64-slice cine-cardiac CT.

      Killeen, Ronan P; Ryan, Ronan; MacErlane, Aoife; Martos, Ramon; Keane, David; Dodd, Jonathan D; Departments of Radiology, St Vincent's University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4,, Ireland. (2012-02-01)
      To assess the contractility of accessory left atrial appendages (LAAs) using multiphasic cardiac CT. We retrospectively analyzed the presence, location, size and contractile properties of accessory LAAs using multiphasic cardiac 64-slice CT in 102 consecutive patients (63 males, 39 females, mean age 57). Multiplanar reformats were used to create image planes in axial oblique, sagittal oblique and coronal oblique planes. For all appendages with an orifice diameter >or= 10 mm, axial and sagittal diameters and appendage volumes were recorded in atrial diastole and systole. Regression analysis was performed to assess which imaging appearances best predicted accessory appendage contractility. Twenty-three (23%) patients demonstrated an accessory LAA, all identified along the anterior LA wall. Dimensions for axial oblique (AOD) and sagittal oblique (SOD) diameters and sagittal oblique length (SOL) were 6.3-19, 3.4-20 and 5-21 mm, respectively. All appendages (>or=10 mm) demonstrated significant contraction during atrial systole (greatest diameter reduction was AOD [3.8 mm, 27%]). Significant correlations were noted between AOD-contraction and AOD (R = 0.57, P < 0.05) and SOD-contraction and AOD, SOD and SOL (R = 0.6, P < 0.05). Mean diverticulum volume in atrial diastole was 468.4 +/- 493 mm(3) and in systole was 171.2 +/- 122 mm(3), indicating a mean change in volume of 297.2 +/- 390 mm(3), P < 0.0001. Stepwise multiple regression analysis revealed SOL to be the strongest independent predictor of appendage contractility (R(2) = 0.86, P < 0.0001) followed by SOD (R(2) = 0.91, P < 0.0001). Accessory LAAs show significant contractile properties on cardiac CT. Those accessory LAAs with a large sagittal height or depth should be evaluated for contractile properties, and if present should be examined for ectopic activity during electrophysiological studies.
    • Accidental ecstasy ingestion in a two year old.

      Cassidy, N; Casey, P B; Tracey, J A (2009-02)
    • Accidental Ingestion of Magnetic Spheres in Children

      Zgraj, O; Awadalla, S (Irish Medical Journal, 2015-05)
      Magnetic foreign body ingestion can have a very serious sequale if multiple or combined with another metal object inside the abdomen. We report 2 cases of ingestion of rare-earth magnets with a very different consequences. This adds to the world’s literature on this topic.
    • Accrual to Cancer Clinical Trials

      Kelly, C; Smith, M; Flynn, S; Reyes, A; Higgins, M; McCaffrey, J; Kelly, C (Irish Medical Journal, 2016-07)
      Accrual to cancer clinical trials (CCT) is imperative to safeguard continued improvement in cancer outcomes. A retrospective chart review was performed of patients (n=140) starting a new anti-cancer agent in a north Dublin cancer centre. This review was performed over a four-month period, beginning in November 2015. Only 29% (n=41) had a CCT option. The overall accrual rate to CCT was 5% (n=7), which is comparable to internationally reported figures. The main reasons for failure to recruit to CCT included the lack of a CCT option for cancer type (n=30, 23%), stage (n=25, 19%), and line of treatment (n=23, 17%). Over the last decade, the rate of accrual to CCTs has in fact doubled and the number of trials open to recruitment has tripled. Ongoing governmental and philanthropic support is necessary to continue this trend to further expand CCT patient options with a target accrual rate of 10%.
    • Accuracy of bone mapping and guided flapless implant placement in human cadavers using a model-based planning procedure.

      Fitzgerald, Maurice; O'Sullivan, Michael; O'Connell, Brian; Houston, Frank; Division of Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology, Dublin Dental School and Hospital, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. (2010-09)
      The objective of this study was to assess the accuracy of the model-based NobelGuide method in transferring preoperative planning and estimation of bone volume to the surgical situation.
    • Accuracy of death certification

      Tormey, W. P. (2011-11)
    • The accuracy of death certification for ALS/MND in Ireland

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    • Accuracy of identification of the cricothyroid membrane in female subjects using palpation: an observational study.

      Aslani, Anastasia; Ng, Su-Cheen; Hurley, Michael; McCarthy, Kevin F; McNicholas, Michelle; McCaul, Conan Liam; Department of Anaesthesia, The Rotunda Hospital, Dublin 1, Ireland. (2012-05)
      The cricothyroid membrane (CTM) is the recommended site of access to the airway during cricothyroidotomy to provide emergency oxygenation. Despite the apparent simplicity of the technique, this rescue maneuver frequently fails to achieve its goals and complications are numerous. The reasons for this failure are unclear. We sought to determine the ability of physicians to correctly identify the CTM in female patients.
    • The accuracy of locating the cricothyroid membrane by palpation - an intergender study

      Campbell, Mark; Shanahan, Hilary; Ash, Simon; Royds, Jonathan; Husarova, Viera; McCaul, Conan; Rotunda Hospital Dublin (2015-07-14)
    • The accuracy of noninvasive hemoglobin assessment in an obstetric population

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    • Accuracy of sonographic chorionicity classification in twin gestations.

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      To evaluate the accuracy of sonographic classification of chorionicity in a large cohort of twins and investigate which factors may be associated with sonographic accuracy.