• Novel use of hand fracture fixation plates in the surgical stabilisation of flail chest.

      Dunlop, Rebecca L E; Tiong, William; Veerasingam, Devendran; Kelly, John L; Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University College Hospital, Galway, Ireland. rebeccapollard@doctors.org.uk (Elsevier Ltd., 2010-01)
      Plastic surgeons specialize in working closely with other surgical colleagues to help solve clinical problems. In this case, we performed surgical stabilisation of a large flail chest fragment in conjunction with the cardiothoracic surgical team, using the mini-plating set more commonly used for hand fracture fixation. The use of this fixation system for flail chest has not previously been described, but offers advantages over other reported methods, primarily by dispensing with the need for an extensive thoracotomy incision and by providing robust stabilisation without the presence of prominent hardware.