• 'Ready-access' CT imaging for an orthopaedic trauma clinic.

      Cawley, D; Hennessy, A; Curtin, P; Bergin, D; Shannon, F; Department Trauma & Orthopaedics, Galway University Hospital, Newcastle Rd, Galway (2011-03)
      'Ready-Access' to CT imaging facilities in Orthopaedic Trauma Clinics is not a standard facility. This facility has been available at the regional trauma unit, in Merlin Park Hospital, Galway for the past four years. We reviewed the use of this facility over a 2-year period when 100 patients had CT scans as part of their trauma clinic assessment. The rate of CT scan per clinic was 0.6. The mean waiting time for a CT scan was 30 minutes. 20 (20%) new fractures were confirmed, 33 (33%) fractures were out-ruled, 25 (25%) fractures demonstrated additional information and 8 (8%) had additional fractures. 20 (20%) patients were discharged and 12 (12%) patients were admitted as a result of the CT scan. It adds little time and cost to CT scanning lists.