• Standards in operation notes is it time to re-emphasise their importance?

      Cahill, KC (Irish Medical Journal, 2016-01)
      Guidelines exist for operation notes from the Royal College of Surgeons of England but compliance has been shown to be variable. The authors performed a closed loop audit of compliance with RCS standards in an Irish Plastic Surgery department. Thirty random operation notes were selected from a conserved pool of authors - before and after an educational intervention to increase awareness of the RCS guidelines. Following education, improvements were noted but also deteriorations â time increased from 12 (40%) to 16 (53%), emergency/elective status from none (0%) to 11 (36%), and operative diagnosis from seven (23%) to 21 (70%). However notably among the findings, surgeonâ s name decreased from 30 (100%) to 26 (86%), findings from 27 (90%) to 21 (53%) and tissue altered from 27 (90%) to 20 (66%). As some specialities are developing operation note standards specific to individual procedures, the findings are compared with previous similar published work.