• The Perceptions of Patients, their Parents and Healthcare Providers on the Transition of Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes to Adult Services in the West of Ireland.

      Walsh, Ó; Wynne, M; O Donnell, M; Geoghegan, R; O Hara, Mary Clare; Paediatric Department, University Hospital Galway, School of Medicine, National University of Ireland Galway, Research and Development, HSE Strategic Planning and Transformation (Irish Medical Journal, 2018-07)
      This study aims to describe the perceptions of young adults’, parents of young adults’ and health care professionals’ (HCPs) of the transition process for young adults with Type 1 Diabetes in the West of Ireland.
    • Strength In Numbers Hackathon: Using a novel technology-focused brainstorming activity to engage stakeholders in intervention development

      Hynes, Lisa; O'Hara, Mary Clare; Jordan, Vincent; Hutchinson, O. Clyde; O'Dea, Fergus; Byrne, Molly; Dinneen, Seán F (European Health Psychologist, 2016)
      Young adulthood has been identified as a particularly challenging time to live with and manage a chronic condition, like type 1 Diabetes (McKnight, Wild, Lamb, Cooper, Jones, Davis et al., 2015; Wiebe, Helgeson, & Berg, 2016). A growing body of research shows that living with type 1 Diabetes as a young adult is associated with more Diabetesrelated problems as well as reduced wellbeing (Bryden, Dunger, Mayou, Peveler & Neil, 2003; National Health Service, 2015). Despite growing awareness of the risks faced by young adults with type 1 Diabetes, there is a lack of evidence-based guidance in the research for supporting young adults to improve selfmanagement and outcomes (O’Hara, Hynes, O’Donnell, Nery, Byrne, Heller & Dinneen, 2016).
    • Young adult type 1 diabetes care in the West of Ireland: an audit of hospital practice.

      Casey, R; O'Hara, M C; Cunningham, A; Wall, D; Geoghegan, R; Hynes, L; McGuire, B; Gately, M; Bell, M; Dinneen, S F (Oxford University Press, 2014-11)
      It is well recognised that management of young adults with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) poses difficult challenges for physicians and health care organisations as a whole. In Ireland and in particular the west of Ireland there has been little audit or research on young adults with T1DM and the services available to them.