• At what price? A cost-effectiveness analysis comparing trial of labour after previous Caesarean versus elective repeat Caesarean delivery.

      Fawsitt, Christopher G; Bourke, Jane; Greene, Richard A; Everard, Claire M; Murphy, Aileen; Lutomski, Jennifer E; National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre, Cork, Ireland ; School of Economics, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. (2013)
      Elective repeat caesarean delivery (ERCD) rates have been increasing worldwide, thus prompting obstetric discourse on the risks and benefits for the mother and infant. Yet, these increasing rates also have major economic implications for the health care system. Given the dearth of information on the cost-effectiveness related to mode of delivery, the aim of this paper was to perform an economic evaluation on the costs and short-term maternal health consequences associated with a trial of labour after one previous caesarean delivery compared with ERCD for low risk women in Ireland.