• Multicentric Castleman's disease & HIV infection.

      Cotter, A; Lambert, J; O'Gorman, P; Department Infectious Diseases, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Eccles St., Dublin 7 and University College Dublin, School of Medicine & Medical Sciences, Dublin. aoife@aoifecotter.com (2009-10)
      We report the case of a 35 year patient from Nigeria who presented with fever and splenomegaly. The initial diagnosis was Salmonellosis. However, relapsing symptoms lead to a re-evaluation and ultimately a diagnosis of Multicentric Castleman's Disease (MCD). There is no gold standard treatment but our patient responded to Rituximab and Highly active anti-retroviral therapy. MCD is a rare, aggressive disease that should be considered in a HIV positive patient presenting with fever and significant lymphadenopathy.