• Mater Misericordiae Hospital. Annual report, 1993

      Mater Misericordiae Hospital.; Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy. (Mater Misericordiae Hospital., 1993)
      It is my special privilege and pleasure to welcome you to this the 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Board of Management of the Mater Misericordiae Hospital. 1993 was yet another eventful year in the life of the Hospital. There were changes in the membership of the Board. as well as appointments of new staff in various departments. Sister M. Gerard successfully and generously completed her term of office as Superior of the community of Sisters attached to the hospital and was replaced by Sr. Marie Bernarde. Ms. Eilish O'Leary as representative of the Professionals Supplementary to Medicine Group was replaced on the Board by Ms. Diane Bernal. We also welcomed Sister Marian Joseph and Dr. Patrick Kelly as new members appointed to the Board. We regretfully experienced the loss of a long standing and much respected member through the death of Mr. J.J. Nolan. Her sterling commitment to the hospital and his vital interest in promoting its interests over his twenty one years as a member of the Board were acknowledged with the deepest appreciation of the Sisters. the Board and the entire staff. We had official openings of a number of newly refurbished departments. and the initiation of a number of new and essential services. These will be highlighted and outlined in greater detail in the Report of the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Executive Council. Mr. Martin Cowley. While the demands on the hospital's services continue to be insatiable and the commitment by management and staff to work within the funds allocated to the hospital is strongly in evidence the pain of the struggle to achieve financial targets is keenly felt in all areas of the hospital. This experience of course is not new. The Mater has had a great deal of experience in coping with financial problems. Given the constraints of the past several years one might well ask what are the forces which support the Mater Hospital and propel it forward? What is it energises the staff in their day to day commitrnent to the service of the sick and to pioneering opening up and progressing new horizons in their programmes of care. Sr Margherita. Executive Chairperson of the Board of Management.