• Caesarean section in a parturient with a spinal cord stimulator.

      Sommerfield, D; Hu, P; O'Keeffe, D; McKeating A, K; Department of Anaesthesia, National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. dsommerfield@hotmail.com (2010-01)
      A 35-year-old G2P1 parturient at 32 weeks of gestation with an implanted spinal cord stimulator was admitted for urgent caesarean section. Spinal anaesthesia was performed below the spinal cord stimulator leads at the L4-5 level, and a healthy female infant was delivered. A basic description of the technology and resulting implications for the parturient are discussed.
    • Sacral nerve stimulation increases activation of the primary somatosensory cortex by anal canal stimulation in an experimental model.

      Griffin, K M; Pickering, M; O'Herlihy, C; O'Connell, P R; Jones, J F X; Health Sciences Centre, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, University College Dublin, Ireland. (The British journal of surgery, 2011-08)
      Sacral and posterior tibial nerve stimulation may be used to treat faecal incontinence; however, the mechanism of action is unknown. The aim of this study was to establish whether sensory activation of the cerebral cortex by anal canal stimulation was increased by peripheral neuromodulation.