• Practices for predicting and preventing preterm birth in Ireland: a national survey.

      Smith, V; Devane, D; Higgins, S; School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, 24 D'Olier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. vasmith@tcd.ie (Irish journal of medical science, 2011-03)
      Preterm birth can result in adverse outcomes for the neonate and/or his/her family. The accurate prediction and prevention of preterm birth is paramount. This study describes and critically analyses practices for predicting and preventing preterm birth in Ireland.
    • A survey of obstetricians' views on placental pathology reporting.

      Walsh, Colin A; McAuliffe, Fionnuala M; Turowski, Gitta; Roald, Borghild; Mooney, Eoghan E (2013-06)
      To determine the opinion of clinical obstetricians regarding interpretation of placental reports, including a recently proposed Norwegian classification system.