• Consultant and trainee attitudes towards supervision of operative procedures in the UK and Ireland

      O’Neill, BJ; Rankn, KS; Banks, LN; Daruwall, ZJ; Sprowson, AP; Robinson, DP; Reed, MR; Kenny, PJ (Irish Medical Journal, 2014)
      The e-logbook is used to monitor progression through training and to assess training within teaching units. We document consultant and trainee opinions with regards to supervision status, and to inform guidelines for trainees and trainers using the e-logbook. A questionnaire was sent to consultants and trainees in the UK and Ireland. Eight theatre scenarios were described and respondents were asked to state what they felt was the appropriate supervision status for the trainee. Significantly more consultants in the UK use the e-logbook than those based in Ireland (58.5%:14.5%). There were differences in consensus response to the scenarios between consultants and trainees, and between Irish and UK based surgeons. We have documented the opinions of consultants and trainees from across the UK and Ireland with regards to supervision status for trainees under certain theatre situations. This information should support formal guidelines for all users of the logbook.