• Extending the reach of stapled anastomosis with a prepared OrVil™ device in laparoscopic oesophageal and gastric cancer surgery.

      Salih, Abdelmonim E A; Bass, Gary A; D'Cruz, Yvonne; Brennan, Robert P; Smolarek, Sebastian; Arumugasamy, Mayilone; Walsh, Thomas N; Department of Surgery, Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland, monim.salih@yahoo.ie. (2014-08-27)
      The introduction of minimally invasive surgery and the use of laparoscopic techniques have significantly improved patient outcomes and have offered a new range of options for the restoration of intestinal continuity. Various reconstruction techniques have been described and various devices employed but none has been established as superior. This study evaluates our experience with, and modifications of, the orally inserted anvil (OrVil™).