• A rare case of cryptogenic stroke with an incidental finding of patent foramen ovale.

      Anglim, B; Maher, N; Cunningham, O; Mulcahy, D; Harbison, J; O'Connell, M (Irish Medical Journal, 2015-03)
      Patent foramen ovale (PFO) occurs in 25-30% of the general population. Stroke in the puerperium is a rare phenomenon, 34 per 100,000 women. A 32 year old lady, Para3+2 presented eight days postnatally with symptoms of a transient episode of left sided facial and limb parathesia and dysphasia. She had a CT brain which was normal, however a subsequent MRI brain showed a small right parietal lobe infarct. An echocardiogram was performed which showed a small PFO, with an ejection fraction of 60-65%. A bubble study was performed which was positive with valsalva. She was started on aspirin 300mg once daily for 2 weeks, and shall remain on life-long aspirin 75mg.