• Variations in the usage and composition of a radial cocktail during radial access coronary angiography procedures.

      Pate, G; Broderick, B; The Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway. gordon.pate@galwayclinic.com (2011-10)
      A survey was conducted of medication administered during radial artery cannulation for coronary angiography in 2009 in Ireland; responses were obtained for 15 of 20 centres, in 5 of which no radial access procedures were undertaken. All 10 (100%) centres which provided data used heparin and one or more anti-spasmodics; verapamil in 9 (90%), nitrate in 1 (10%), both in 2 (20%). There were significant variations in the doses used. Further work needs to be done to determine the optimum cocktail to prevent radial artery injury following coronary angiography.