• The Attractiveness of Opposites: Agonists and Antagonists.

      O'Brien, Tony (2015-02-02)
      ABSTRACT Opioid-induced bowel dysfunction, of which constipation is the most common aspect, is a major limiting factor in the use of opioids for pain management. The availability of an oral, long-acting formulation of oxycodone and naloxone represents a highly significant development in pain management. The combination of an opioid analgesic with an opioid antagonist offers reliable pain control with a significant reduction in the burden of opioid-induced constipation. This report is adapted from paineurope 2014; Issue 3, ©Haymarket Medical Publications Ltd, and is presented with permission. paineurope is provided as a service to pain management by Mundipharma International, LTD and is distributed free of charge to healthcare professionals in Europe. Archival issues can be accessed via the website: http://www.paineurope.com at which European health professionals can register online to receive copies of the quarterly publication.
    • Cancer pain and opioid use--a global issue.

      O'Brien, Tony (Oxford University Press, 2013-07)
    • Information transfer to out-of-hours co-operatives: a survey of general practitioners' views in relation to palliative patients.

      Kiely, Fiona; Murphy, Marie; O'Brien, Tony (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, 2013-12)
      In Ireland, weekend and night medical cover for community based patients is largely provided by general practice co-operatives. Doctors working in this service do not have direct access to patients' medical records which challenges continuity of care.
    • Place of care: from referral to specialist palliative care until death.

      O'Leary, Mary Jane; O'Brien, Alison C; Murphy, Marie; Crowley, Claire M; Leahy, Helen M; McCarthy, Jill M; Collins, Joan C; O'Brien, Tony (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, 2014-12-08)
      While there are many poorly standardised studies focusing on place of death, there are limited data on place(s) of care during the final stages of disease.
    • Standards for the management of cancer-related pain across Europe-A position paper from the EFIC Task Force on Cancer Pain.

      Bennett, Michael I; Eisenberg, Elon; Ahmedzai, Sam H; Bhaskar, Arun; O'Brien, Tony; Mercadante, Sebastiano; Krčevski Škvarč, Nevenka; Vissers, Kris; Wirz, Stefan; Wells, Chris; et al. (2019-01-06)