• Cancer pain and opioid use--a global issue.

      O'Brien, Tony (Oxford University Press, 2013-07)
    • The landscape of blogging in palliative care.

      Lowney, A C; O'Brien, T; Department of Palliative Medicine, Marymount Hospice and Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland. aoifelowney@gmail.com (2012-09)
      We present the case of a 30-year-old patient with pontine glioblastoma multiforme, World Health Organisation grade IV (WHO IV). This case is of particular interest in terms of the patient's use of social media as a medium of expression. This popular form of communication raises important clinical, ethical and social issues relating to confidentiality and the nature of the physician-patient relationship in a unique context.
    • Neuropathic pain management in children.

      Hyde, Catherine; Price, Jayne; Nicholl, Honor; Marymount Hospice/ St. Patrick's Hospital, Curraheen Road, Cork, Ireland. (2012-10)
      There are difficulties in assessing, managing, and evaluating neuropathic pain in dying children, particularly those with neurological impairment. Neuropathic pain in children often presents differently to how it presents in the adult population. Comprehensive assessment as well as pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions are crucial to its successful management and frequently require input from an interdisciplinary team. Notwithstanding the need for further research, this paper brings together research papers, reviews, and clinical guidelines to present an exploration of existing evidence regarding care for children with neuropathic pain and their families.
    • Residents' perceptions of relocating from one long-term setting to another.

      Murphy, Lynda; McCarthy, Geraldine; Cornally, Nicola (RCN Publishing Co Ltd, 2013-02)
      To investigate older people's perceptions of a planned relocation from one long-term care facility in an older building to another modern setting almost 10km away.