• First reported cases of human adenovirus serotype 14p1 infection, Ireland, October 2009 to July 2010.

      O'Flanagan, D; O'Donnell, J; Domegan, L; Fitzpatrick, F; Connell, J; Coughlan, S; De Gascun, C; Carr, M J; Health Protection Surveillance Centre, Dublin, Ireland. (Euro Surveillsnce, 2011-02)
      We report the first nine confirmed cases of human adenovirus 14p1 infection (HAdV-14p1), identified at different locations in Ireland between October 2009 and July 2010. These were the first notifications in Ireland and all were sporadic cases. Following these notifications, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre set up an enhanced surveillance system for HAdV-14p1 infection. Seven cases were male and five were aged less than one year. Three patients died, giving a case fatality rate of 33%. It should be noted that cases presented here were diagnosed on presentation to hospital and may represent the severe end of the spectrum of HAdV 14 disease in Ireland.