• Annual report of the Data Protection Commissioner 2007

      Data Protection Commissioner (Data Protection Commissioner, 2008)
    • The cost of data collection for performance monitoring in hospitals: protocol for a systematic review

      Gannon, Brenda; Jones, Cheryl; Wakai, Abel; O’Sullivan, Ronan; Beaumont Hospital, Dublin; National Children’s Research Centre, Dublin;Cork University Hospital (2014-06-16)
      Abstract Background Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to identify where organisational performance is meeting desired standards and where performance requires improvement. Valid and reliable KPIs depend on the availability of high-quality data, specifically, the relevant minimum data set (MDS; the core data identified as the minimum required to measure performance for a KPI) elements. However, the feasibility of collecting the relevant MDS elements is always a limitation of performance monitoring using KPIs. Preferably, data should be integrated into service delivery, and where additional data are required that are not currently collected as part of routine service delivery, there should be an economic evaluation to determine the cost of data collection. The aim of this systematic review is to synthesise the evidence base concerning the costs of data collection in hospitals for performance monitoring using KPIs, and to identify hospital data collection systems that have proven to be cost minimising. Methods/Design Electronic databases will be systematically searched for publications in English that examine the cost of data collection within a hospital context. The database searches will be supplemented by searching through citations and references. Screening of both titles and abstracts will be done by two independent reviewers. All disagreements will be resolved by an independent third reviewer. Data analysis will be completed and reported in a narrative review. Discussion This review will cohere the evidence base regarding cost-minimising hospital data collections systems for performance monitoring and if these are associated with potential benefits for patients. Systematic review registration PROSPERO CRD42014007450
    • Developing a computerised patient management system through action research

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    • Non-pulmonary chronic diseases in adults with Cystic Fibrosis: Analysis of data from the cystic fibrosis registry

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    • Polydrug use: patterns and responses

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    • Twentieth annual report of the Data Protection Commissioner 2008

      Data Protection Commissioner (Data Protection Commissioner, 2009)