• What do general practitioners think of the new professional competence scheme?

      Daly, E; Brennan, D; Dowling, S; Plant, G; South Eastern GP Training Scheme, Waterford Regional Hospital, Dunmore Rd, Waterford. (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2012-04)
      The Irish Medical Practitioners Act 2007 places a statutory obligation on all registered Medical Practitioners to maintain their professional competence by participating in a recognised Professional Competence Scheme. A questionnaire survey was conducted among 48 GPs attending educational meetings to see if doctors had concerns about the Professional Competence Scheme and to ask if they felt they had the necessary time, skills and knowledge to carry out an audit. Twenty-eight GPs (58%) had concerns regarding their participation in the Professional Competence Scheme; 75% were concerned about the time required, and 67% felt they needed further education about the scheme. Although 73% of doctors reported that they understand how to undertake a clinical audit and 50% reported they have carried out an audit in practice, 60% have never had any teaching on audit and 85% would like teaching in this area. Only 48% of the group surveyed felt that audit was practical in their current practice. Doctors have some concerns about the new Professional Competence Scheme, including the audit component. In particular, they report a requirement for more teaching in this area, and are concerned about the time involved.