• Pre-Registration Nursing Education Degree Programme, Final Report

      National Implementation Committee (2002)
      The National Implementation Committee (the Committee) was established by the Minister for Health and Children, Mr. Michael Martin TD, in January 2001. The Committee was charged with responsibility for implementing the recommendations of the Report of the Nursing Education Forum, which outlined a strategic framework for the introduction of a four year pre-registration nursing degree programme in general, psychiatric and mental handicap nursing. This considerable task required significant planning and co-operation among all those involved in the process. Early on a project plan was agreed which detailed the actions to be taken in respect of each of the recommendations, together with the body responsible and appropriate review dates. The committee attached great importance to the need for communication with the wider profession and, indeed, the public in generaL To this end newsletters were published at regular intervals and a website was maintained. Central to the implementation of a significant change is the development of structures to manage the process at a variety of different levels. At a national level, an interdepartmental committee was set up to co-ordinate the activities and policies of the Departments of Health and Children, Education and Science, Finance and the Higher Education Authority during the transition to the degree programme. At a local level, joint working groups -on education were convened to provide a strategic overview of the change process and address partnership issues that arose. To ensure that the partnership processes necessary to support pre-registration nursing education into the future are firmly bedded down, these groups will remain in existence for five years. A project manager was appointed to each group with specific responsibility for managing the change at local level