• A review of mental health recovery programs in selected industrialized countries

      Pincus, Harold A; Spaeth-Rublee, Brigitta; Sara, Grant; Goldner, Elliot M; Prince, Pamela N; Ramanuj, Parashar; Gaebel, Wolfgang; Zielasek, Jürgen; Großimlinghaus, Isabell; Wrigley, Margo; et al. (2016-12-01)
      Abstract The concept of recovery has gained increasing attention and many mental health systems have taken steps to move towards more recovery oriented practice and service structures. This article represents a description of current recovery-oriented programs in participating countries including recovery measurement tools. Although there is growing acceptance that recovery needs to be one of the key domains of quality in mental health care, the implementation and delivery of recovery oriented services and corresponding evaluation strategies as an integral part of mental health care have been lacking.